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Step Up Your Headwear Game with Druids Par-fect Beanie Hats

In the cold season, your head loses heat faster than any other body part. So to retain body warmth and maintain focus on the game, it is critical to cover the head with a thick beanie. 

We stock various highly functional and stylish men's beanie hats at Druids. These beanie hats keep the cold out and allow golfers to play their game with full attention.

To enhance on-course performance, pair these beanies with our efficient golf apparel, including our best golf polo shirts, mid layers, golf jackets, trousers, and waterproof golf shoes

Features that make Druids Men’s Beanie Hats An Ideal Companion From Tee to the green

Acrylic knit & fleece lining protects from the elements 

At Druids, we manufacture beanie hats with acrylic knit- a synthetic fabric that traps warm air and regulates body temperature. 

The acrylic knit is naturally resistant to moisture as well, meaning our beanies keep golfers dry and warm even in wet or humid conditions. 

For added protection, our men's beanie hats are also lined with thick fleece, which protects the golfers from the elements by forming a barrier between the golfer's skin and the outside environment. 

Moisture wicking & luxuriously soft fabric ensures comfort all day long

To ensure a pleasant experience on the golf course, we use unique technologies to manufacture our men’s beanies. 

The entire collection comprises articles that rapidly wick moisture and keep the golfer warm and dry all day. 

Besides being functional, these beanies are lightweight, stretchable, and incredibly comfortable. The acrylic knit fabric feels luxuriously soft against the skin. So when wearing our beanie hat, a golfer feels like being wrapped up in a cosy cloud of warmth. 

Hypoallergenic fabric suitable for sensitive skin

We aim to make the golfing experience enjoyable and comfortable for every individual. Since many men are allergic to natural insulating fabrics like wool, we manufacture our men’s beanies with synthetic, hypoallergenic materials. 

The acrylic knit and fleece used in our beanie hat collection are ideal for people with sensitive skin. 

Stylish designs for head turning appearance 

Druids men’s beanies not only protect the golfers from cold but also enhance their style. Each one of our beanie hats is designed with a lot of thought and attention. 

Pom pom beanies, dual striped beanies, and ribbed beanies- at Druids, we have them all. 

Our beanies are the perfect choice for golfers who are big fans of logos, as each beanie comes with a unique Druids logo.

Wide range of colours to match every golf outfit

Nothing feels better than dressing up in matching clothes from head to toe. To make that possible for all golfers, we manufacture beanies in every neutral and bold colour. 

We have every color a golfer could need: black, white, blue, navy blue, yellow, orange, lime, brown, red, grey, green, pink, and khaki. 

Available all year round

If you are going for a vacation in a colder region and can’t find any good beanies in stores- do not worry. Druids’ highly versatile and stylish beanies are available on site 365 days a year. 

Offer great value for money. 

We are on a journey of making golf wear accessible to every golfer, and the first step to that is affordable gear. 

Be it a golf beanie or a rainproof golf jacket, at Druids; everything is available at prices much lower than the market. 

So if you are searching for a company with a high quality and inexpensive golf wear brand, Druids is the place for you. Our beanie hats offer great value for money and are ideal for all professional golfers. 

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There's no one specific way to wear a beanie hat. You just need to ensure that it fits your head snugly and covers both ears properly.

Pull the beanie hat down to your eyebrows if you are aiming for a classic look. For a relaxed look, pull it back so your forehead is on the show and the hat is slouchy at the back.

A beanie is a hat usually made of soft and warm materials, such as wool, acrylic, or fleece. It is designed to fit snugly on the head and cover the ears, providing warmth and protection from the cold.

For a timeless classic look:

Pair a solid coloured beanie hat (red, blue, brown) with a matching polo shirt and golf pants. 

For off course look:

Pair a patterned beanie hat with a t-shirt and khaki shorts.

For an uninterrupted and smooth game, put your hair in a low ponytail or braid and tuck it into your beanie hat. You can also get a larger beanie hat that accommodates your long hair. 

Put the wireless headphone into your ears and adjust appropriately, so they do not fall out. Next, wear your beanie hat and cover your ears with them. 

If you use over ear headphones, opt for a slouchy, more oversized beanie hat that can accommodate them.

In the UK, a beanie hat is commonly referred to as a "bobble hat."

Yes, beanie hats can be worn by both men and women. The golfing accessory regulates body temperature and adds to the style of golfers.