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men's bloque fit golf jacket - blue | navy

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Stand Out From The Crowd With Druids Highly Functional Sports Jacket

The cold weather calls for outerwear that offers protection from cold, wind, and rain while enhancing the athlete's style and performance. A sports jacket offers all that and more. 

At Druids, we manufacture premium quality sports jackets that you can sport to the gym, golfing range or a casual night out with friends. 

To get the classic sporty look, you can pair the jacket with our highly functional baselayer, sports t-shirt, and the best selling joggers.

Features That Make Druids Sports Jackets Worth Buying


We understand that there is no better feeling than getting your hands on comfortabl. To make our sports jackets comfortable, we manufacture the exterior with polyester and line the insides with high quality fleece. 

These fabrics are famous for being lightweight, super soft, and stretchable. They also have a built-in capillary system that enhances the moisture wicking ability of our outerwear and makes it breathable. 


The chief purpose of the jacket is to keep its user warm and protected in the cold, rainy season. Our lightweight jackets have excellent insulating and thermal properties. 

The fleeces that line the inside of our sports outerwear have micro air pockets that trap the body heat and prevent cold air from penetrating the fabric. 

This keeps the users warm even on the coldest days and allows them to focus on their sport. 

Shower Proof

To offer complete protection from natural elements, we coat the outer surface of our sports jackets with a DWR (durable water repellent) film. 

This film makes the fabric 100% waterproof- meaning the rain drops do not penetrate the jacket and slide off immediately. 

While other shower proof clothes have poor breathability, ours do not. We use state of the art technology to manufacture these jackets, to ensure that our users do not feel stuffy in the cold, rain season. 

Wind Proof

Our insulated sports outerwear feature padding on the front and back, making them windproof. This high loft padding also adds to the softness and warmth of the jackets. 

The combined protection from rain, wind, and cold make our men's jackets a wardrobe essential for all sports lovers. 


At Druids, we believe that the style of a sports outfit matters as much as its functionality. In fact, stylish apparel boosts your confidence, which in turn, enhances the overall on field performance.

Our men's jackets are designed by a team of experts who pay meticulous attention to detail. 

Some of the features that make our men’s jackets stand out include two toned fabric, contrasting sleeves, zipper, quilted or crosshatched front, and an essential Druids logo. 

The jackets also feature pockets with contrasting zippers that add to their style and functionality. 


Our men's sports jackets are incredibly versatile and can be worn when training or attending a casual event. All that matters is how you style it. 

For sports- you can pair our jacket with a sports t-shirt and functional joggers. 

On a casual occasion- you can style our jacket with a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and your favourite sneakers. 

Wide Range Of Sizes

Sizing is an essential part of all sportswear. An ideal jacket is loose enough to allow proper movement and fitted enough to enhance your appearance.

At Druids, jackets are available in a wide range of sizes, including- small, medium, large, extra large, 2XL, and 3XL.

So now you can opt for your ideal size and look stylish on and off the field. 

 Available in Various Colours

We believe that there's no colour that men can't sport. 

In our jacket collection will find classic shades like black, white, blue, navy, and grey and bold ones like mustard, burgundy, khaki, orange, lime, and mint green. 

So add some colour to your wardrobe with our stylish, uber chic jackets that are perfect for every occasion. 

Easy To Wash

Being an outwear, jackets tend to get dirty faster than any other clothing article. To save you precious time, we have designed men's jackets with durable fabric that does not tear easily. 

Our jackets do not have complicated care or wash instructions and can be washed in a machine like ordinary clothes- making them a perfect fit for busy sportsmen. 

Budget Friendly

We believe a jacket is an essential part of every man's wardrobe -that is why it should come at a good price. While other brands charge hundreds of quids for a waterproof jacket- we do the opposite.

Our brand has a fair pricing policy, following which we manufacture jackets that are high quality and easy on the pocket. 

So if you are a man looking for a stylish and highly functional jacket- Druids' latest jacket collection is the perfect one for you. 

Not sure how to style our men’s sports jacket? We’ve got you. 

At Druids, we stock a massive collection of sportswear. Our best selling sports base layer and t-shirt will look perfect when paired with our jacket. 

We also offer golf clothes for men, women, and children. If you are a golf lover, check out our high quality performance golf polo shirts, golf trousers, golf shorts, and golf shoes.

Yes, a jacket can be worn with a polo. Wearing pairing the two, pick a neutral coloured and well fitted polo. Avoid polo shirts with prints and patterns and they do not go well with a jacket.

A plain white t-shirt topped with your favourite jacket, dark jeans, and white sneakers makes the perfect casual look.

No, men's blazers are more formal than sports jackets. Unlike a jacket, a blazer is made with one solid coloured garment and is often seen as business wear.

You can also sport blazers for festive events. Sports jackets, on the other hand, only look good on casual outings.

No, it is an informal piece of clothing and does not fit the wedding dress code. A sports coat can only be worn on informal occasions like a lunch date or a night out with friends.

For a neat look, wear it with a light coloured polo and blue jeans. For footwear, opt for sneakers or boots that compliment your jacket.

Yes, a cardigan can be worn with any type of shirt including a polo. For a stylish look, pop out the collar of your polo shirt when layering it with a cardigan

The ideal polo shirt ends near the mid of your pants' zipper.

It should be long enough to cover your belly when you raise your arms but must not go past the zipper of your pants.

Start with the sleeves- lay them on a flat surface and ensure there are no wrinkles before pressing. Make sure you iron the back side of the sleeves first and then the front side.

Next, iron the shoulders and the area near the buttons of the polo. Continue ironing downwards and ensure there are no wrinkles. Yes water spray on stubborn wrinkly areas for a perfectly ironed shirt.

Place the shirt upside down on a flat surface. Grab the shoulder and hem from the left side and fold it in. Repeat the same step on the right side. 

Make sure both sides are touching in the middle and the sleeves are placed neatly on top of each other. Lastly grab the bottom of the shirt and fold it up into half.

Now flip it over and place it into your cupboard.

  • Place the shirt on a flat surface.
  • Grab the bottom edge and fold it upward about 4 to 5 inches.
  • Then fold the sleeves in from both sides to reduce the width of the shirt.
  • Grab the shirt by the collar and start rolling it downwards.
  • When you reach the end, press down on the shirt lightly to make it hold the shape. 
  • Keep the rolled up t-shirt in your and enjoy the saved up space.