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Stay Protected From Tee-to-Green with Druids Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are an essential piece of equipment for any golfer. Not only do they protect you from the summer sun and rain, but they also help to keep you comfortable and focused on the game.

At Druids, we manufacture umbrellas that are durable, easy to carry, and large enough to keep you and your clubs protected from tee to green. 

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Features That Make Druids Golf Umbrellas Worth Buying


Weatherproof Double Canopy Offer Ultimate Protection Against Elements 

The canopy of our golf umbrellas is constructed with two layers of fabric, making them windproof and less likely to flip inside out in gusty conditions.

It offers additional protection from elements as well. The inner layer helps to keep the umbrella dry, and the outer layer provides UV protection by blocking sun rays.


Fiberglass Shaft Ensures Lightweight & Flexible Structure 

We understand that shafts made out of regular metals become rusty after a while. The rust doesn’t only look unappealing but also makes the structure fragile. 

To solve these problems, we alternatively use fiberglass to construct the shafts of our golf umbrellas. This material offers many benefits, including rust resistance, durability, and decreased weight.  

The flexibility of fiberglass allows the shaft to be bent and flexed without breaking, hence making them more resistant to damage from high winds. The flexibility also allows umbrellas to be stored easily.

Robust Frame Withstand Significant Stress & Pressure

The foolproof fiberglass frame of our umbrellas ensures they will not collapse or break during windy conditions and provides absolute protection and shelter to the golfer.

Automatic Opening Feature Makes It Easy To Use

We aim to provide the golf community with innovative, easy-to-use products, and our golf umbrellas are proof of that. 

The automatic opening mechanism of our umbrellas works by using a spring-loaded mechanism that pulls the canopy open when the trigger is pressed.

This feature makes our windproof golf umbrella the perfect choice for emergencies or sudden weather changes.

Ergonomic & Non-Slip Molded Handle Provides Comfortable Grip

Golfers spend a minimum of four to five hours on the course. Our golf umbrellas' ergonomic handle is designed for long, tiring game days. 

It conforms to the hand's natural shape, which helps reduce hand fatigue and discomfort when holding the umbrella for extended periods.

Available In Six Different Colours 

We understand it is hard to find umbrellas in popping colours. For decades, brands have produced umbrellas in primary colours like black and blue, but not anymore. 

At Druids, we stock this golfing essential in a wide range of colours, including teal, yellow, orange, red, grey, and green. 

So buy the best golf umbrella in your favourite colours and get ready to receive compliments from your mates.

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A golf umbrella and a regular umbrella are similar in many ways, but there are also some critical differences between the two.

Size: Umbrellas designed specifically for golfing are larger and have a canopy measuring 62 and 68 inches in diameter.

Robustness: The frame of golf umbrellas is made with highly durable materials like fiberglass- making them better at withstanding strong wind and heavy rain. 

Non-Slip molded handles: Unlike regular umbrellas, those designed for golfing have a unique handle that offers a firm grip even in wet or slippery conditions.

The best size of a golfing umbrella depends on the individual's needs and preferences. 

A larger size (around 62 inches) can provide more coverage and protection from the elements, but may be more cumbersome to carry around the golf course.

 A smaller size (around 42 inches) is more portable and easier to manoeuvre, but may not provide as much coverage. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal choice.

An average golfing umbrella has a canopy with a diameter between 62 to 68 inches. 

They are so-called because they are specifically designed and marketed for use on a golf course. They are larger, more robust, and more durable than regular umbrellas and provide more coverage and protection from the elements for the golfer and their equipment.

Yes, golf umbrellas are better than regular ones because they offer better protection from the elements, are more durable, and have a user-friendly automatic opening feature. 

Besides being your best friend on the golf course, they can also be your companion for the everyday commute.