Trademark Rights: "DRUIDS" or its logo is the registered trading names of Druids Golf Ltd. Any breach on use (passing off) of these trading names or logos will be subjected to legal proceedings for damages and costs incurred to our company without exceptions being made.

Image Piracy: from our website Druids is considered and deemed as a theft of our intellectual rights and property. We engage the services of a worldwide independent company who with their advanced visual search and crawler technology that will continuously scan websites and blogs. All our images are encrypted with security watermarks that will allow immediate detection even if the images have been altered, cropped, rotated or colour adjusted. 

We receive daily and weekly reports identifying all infringements with evidence of the URL including the offending contactable details of the directors or company details. With this every reported case is immediately passed to our legal representatives with the instruction to commence either of the following.

Immediate removal of our images with a written assurance that there will be no further attempt to use our property or intellectual rights. Repeated use of our images and intellectual property will be subjected to legal redress. Immediate proceedings will be issued against the offending website/ company/ persons/ directors pursuing damages and costs incurred by our company.