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Maximize Comfort On Game Days With Druids Golf Socks

Golf socks are an essential part of golf apparel and must not be overlooked. These socks are designed specifically for golfers and allow them to play 18 holes without any discomfort.

To get the maximum benefits of golf socks, it is crucial to pick a pair that is high in quality and designed by golf experts.

At Druids, we use the latest technology and techniques to create golf socks that are perfect for long and stressful game days. When paired with our golf shoes, the socks offer further protection and allow you to give your best performance on the course.

Features That Make Druids Golf Sock Worth Buying

Soft and Comfortable

Our golf socks are designed to provide golfers with maximum comfort. They are made with soft feel fabric and provide extra cushioning on the pressure points like the heel of feet.

The comfort seam around the toe area prevents the toe from hurting after long walks, and the thick fabric reduces friction, hence protecting the feet from developing blisters or cuts.

All these characteristics together allow golfers to hit their best shorts without feeling foot pain or discomfort.


Breathability is one of the most important features of golf socks. It allows air to pass through the fabric and keeps the feet cool and dry.

Our golf socks are prepared with a fabric that ensures optimal airflow and prevents the buildup of sweat on the feet that distract golfers from the game and makes them uneasy.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture Wicking is the ability of a fabric to draw moisture and sweat away from the feet and towards the outer surface.

Our brand considers this feature an absolute necessity and only uses materials that wick moisture efficiently. The entire socks collection prevents the accumulation of sweat and keeps foul odours at bay.

Quick Drying

The breathability and moisture wicking feature of our collection is accompanied by quick drying technology.

All our socks provide golfers with an ambient playing environment by quickly drying up any sweat or moisture.

This makes them perfect for warm and humid environments where sweating is inevitable.

Style, Colours and Sizes

Our brand understands that style is just as important as functionality. Some golfers prefer ankle socks, while others like crew socks- we stock both to meet the needs of our fellow golfers. One can choose their desired length and design-including ribbed and plain fabric.

Our golf sock collection also takes care of the golfers' colour preferences. We make ankle socks and crew socks in black, white, charcoal, and grey colour.

Druids offer one standard size that fits everyone from shoe size 7 to 11. So one can shop for their favourite sock pair online without worrying about getting the wrong size.


Unlike other brands that sell golf wear at unjustifiably high prices, we make high quality apparel at budget friendly prices. Druids' sock range is proof of that.

Our golf socks have the best features and come at incredibly low prices. So if you are planning on upgrading your sock drawer- Druids is the place for you.

Looking for something other than a pair of golf socks?

You've come to the right place. At Druids, we offer a wide variety of stylish and budget friendly golf apparel- including golf polos, golf trousers, golf jumpers, mens golf shoes, and so much more. 

We are currently having a mens golf jacket sale as well. So make sure you check it out.

Normal golf socks are perfect for everyday use as they reduce the chances of developing blisters by preventing the shoe from rubbing against the skin.

Golf socks, on the other hand, offer this feature as well as extra cushioning for the heel and the ability to wick moisture. These socks also dry up faster than regular a pair.

Ankle socks are the ones that end just above your ankle or reach a few inches above your shoe. Most golfers prefer ankle socks because they provide the perfect amount of comfort without getting in your way when walking or running.

Yes, ankle socks are appropriate for golf, but it all comes down to the dress code of your club. Many golf clubs do not allow their members to wear ankle length socks.